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#011: Affiliate Strategies with Matt McWilliams

Affiliate marketing is a proven strategy that can mean big sales and a successful book launch. Matt McWilliams has helped several authors launch with incredible results. Inside are his top tips for finding affiliates, getting them onboard, and making sure your launch runs smoothly.

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#010: Getting to Best Seller with Sierra Melcher

Becoming a best seller can seem overwhelming, but not when you have tips from the experts. Learning the ins and outs of setting yourself up for best seller success is something every author needs to know. Sierra Melcher, CEO of Red Thread Publishing, knows how to get it done.

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#009: The Eff Word

Henry Ford once said, “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Effort and perseverance make all the difference when we’re trying to make things work. If we’re able to learn from our failures and try again anyway, we can work our way to success.

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#008: Maximizing Book Profits with Qat Wanders

Using Kindle Unlimited is a book profit strategy that Qat Wanders knows inside and out. Her knowledge on launching books, using different platforms, and generating reviews from readers will help you make more money with less effort than you think.

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#007: Launching a Biz with a Virtual Summit

Hosting virtual summits can help you grow your audience and build authority when you partner with others. You’ll also get valuable, real time feedback on what your audience wants and needs, making it easier to come up with viable products. Summits can take you from publishing as a hobby to launching a lucrative business.

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#006: Virtual Summits: Why You Should

In this episode, we’re talking about virtual summits. They’re a great way to build an audience and can help build out your book business. I share how I set up my own virtual summits, how I automated the process, and I talk about working with influencers within your niche.

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#005: Email List Building From Your Book

This bonus episode is all about building an email list from your book. You’ll want to have a solid list to funnel all of your customers in one place. I share some of my favorite tools and methods to help create and maintain a solid email list.

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#003: The Easy Button

In this episode, I’m going to talk about the easy button. If you want to maximise your sales, you need to make things easy for your clients. That means the decision, the purchase, and the consumption are all easy. And don’t forget to make sure you’ve got an easy button for you. Listen to this episode of Book Profit Secrets to find out how.

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