#008: Maximizing Book Profits with Qat Wanders

008: Maximizing Book Profits with Qat Wanders

Qat Wanders is a successful author and editor and knows how to maximize profits. She uses Kindle Unlimited to increase revenue from page reads and to generate reviews for her books. There are pros and cons to listing on Kindle Unlimited, and Qat has a lot of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.

Qat has written both fiction and nonfiction books, and her strategies with launching vary. Sometimes she will do a pre-order, other times she’ll get the book out there and then wait awhile to promote it. She will also tweak her strategy based on pre-order demand, and may hold off on publishing a book altogether if the data shows low interest.

Using different platforms to sell your book can help boost profits. Some genres sell better in different places. The trick to all of this is to not be afraid to experiment until you get it right.

What’s Inside:

  • Pros and cons of using Kindle Unlimited.
  • Free books and how they can boost reviews.
  • How to choose a particular platform for your genre.

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2 thoughts on “#008: Maximizing Book Profits with Qat Wanders

  1. Hi, Ray. I love the podcast #8 Maximizing Book Profits with Qat Wanders. I am struggling with how to promote my novels. I’m taking 30 years worth of ideas and transferring them into about 100 novels. Roughly half will be in a single series–a very detailed historical saga that covers 16 generations from Jamestown to the 2007 400th anniversary. The rest are divided between 5 different series titles. 2 are Sci-Fi, and the other 3 are various thrillers.
    So many worries–I guess with writing, editing–and even doing my own cover artwork, I never really thought about how to set them up on Amazon to reap maximum profits. So much to think about.
    After so many years of research, plot and character development–you forget about what is important.
    Yes, we all dream of touching the world with our craft (I know that is my passion in writing) and, yet, even more significantly, we need to make a decent living while we do it.


    1. Hi Ron,
      I agree! It is easy to get lost in the details. In your case, your focus should be on the novels. 100 novels will do a lot of the work for you once published, so focus on that. Great stuff!


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