#087: Email Marketing for Authors with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker is back and we’re diving into email marketing for authors. We talk about how to overcome the intimidation factor, how to create your own unique strategy and set expectations, and the value of an email list in Derek’s business. We also discuss referrals, collaborating with other authors, and where to find inspiration to write great emails for your audience.

#086:How To Succeed with Speaking as an Author with Amy Dix

Amy Dix is a two-time international best-selling author. She’s also a sought-after keynote speaker, professional artist, and founder of Authority Speakers Agency. Amy and I discuss how to speak on different stages, who to contact if you want to start speaking, and how virtual summits can help you find your audience.

#085:Taking the Leap into Virtual Summits with Philip Duncan

Philip Duncan is an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author and the host of the Powerhouse Authoring Summit. Here, we talk about what he learned from his first summit and how he created a follow-up program for authors. Philip also shares his numbers from his first and most recent summits, the value of business relationships and a solid email list, and details on his core offer.

#084:Booking Speaking Gigs as a New Author with Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin helps leaders and authors get booked faster, easier, and more frequently through her company, SpeakerTunity. Jackie and I discuss what to do if you’re a new author interested in starting your speaking career. We also talk about virtual summits, the best ideas for freebies and giveaways, interview tips, and more.

#083: Creating a Persuasive Narrative with Alfonso Inclan

Alfonso Inclan is an entrepreneur who helps investors, authors, public speakers, and other entrepreneurs write books and become best-sellers in order to promote their businesses. He’s based in Phoenix, AZ close to where I live, and is also a successful real estate investor. Alfonso’s work is focused on helping Hispanic entrepreneurs and he’s had anContinue reading “#083: Creating a Persuasive Narrative with Alfonso Inclan”

#082: The Secret to Becoming a Best-Selling Author with Alinka Rutkowska

My friend, Alinka Rutkowska, is a best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Leaders Press. Her done-for-you concept has helped several thought leaders establish authority in their niche. Alinka shares tips on how to take your own book to best-seller status on today’s top lists. She shares the details of her strategy from beginning to book launch, the criteria used to qualify an author on the most popular best-seller lists, and how being in an anthology can be a shortcut to best-selling status.

#081:Elevate Your Writing Career with Podcasting with Kent Sanders

Kent Sanders is the author and co-author of several amazing books, including 18 Words to Live By, The Artist’s Suitcase, and The Faith of Elvis. Kent is also the host of The Daily Writer Podcast as well as the founder of The Daily Writer Club. We discuss how Kent got his ghostwriting career off the ground, how to analyze your podcast listener data and statistics, how frequently to record and release podcast episodes, how to develop content, and more.

#080: Virtual Summits for Authors with Derek Doepker

I had the opportunity to be part of one of Derek Doepker’s summits and here, we dive into how authors can collaborate with experts in their niche to create a winning summit of their own. We chat about who is the best fit for a virtual summit and the importance of having a purpose in mind before getting started. Other topics we discuss include tips for hosting your first summit, creating courses, and how to find people to speak on your summits and how to reach out.

#079:Sustaining Best-Seller Status with Kris Safarova

Kris Safarova is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon best-selling author. Kris provides her best tips on where to start if you’re looking to make your book a success. We also discuss what to include in your book, how updating your book helps sustain growth, and the type of content to include in your book to provide the most value.

#078: Make More Sales with LinkedIn with Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman is the CEO of Social Sales Link which helps sales professionals have better sales conversations through the power of LinkedIn. Brynne shares her recommendations on how to use LinkedIn if you’re an author just starting out. We also chat about who LinkedIn is and isn’t for, why you should create an email list on the side, why you shouldn’t automate or schedule LinkedIn posts, and more.