#094: Getting Started with Virtual Summits

Virtual summits, or virtual events, are one of the best ways I know to make yourself visible and create instant authority. Here, I’m sharing some quick ideas about virtual summits that get you in the mindset that you can do this. I share the five key ingredients of a successful virtual summit and how can use it to sell products and services. I also share tips on attracting speakers and influencers.

#093: How To Develop an Effective Author Platform with Eric Van Der Hope

Eric Van Der Hope is a three-time number-one international best-selling author, a book publishing shepherd, and a book launch strategist. He’s helped thousands of struggling content creators navigate the often-confusing publishing process and shorten the time it takes to become a published author. Eric and I talk about creating valuable content you’re willing to give away for free, connecting with your tribe, nurturing relationships, and the importance of authenticity.

#092: Building Visibility, Influence, and Authority with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker is a master of email marketing and he’s here to share tips on how to build visibility, influence, and authority. Derek and I talk about how to boost visibility, why it’s important to nurture your existing following, and how to repurpose emails into other forms of content to save time. Derek and I also discuss creative ways to engage your audience, how to deal with trolls, and how email compares to podcasting and speaking engagements.

#091: The Magic of 90-Minute Workshops with Liam Austin

Liam Austin is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and a virtual event strategist. Liam and I discuss his strategy for driving attendance to online events and virtual summits. Here, he shares a detailed presentation on how to generate leads and drive high-ticket sales through 90-minute workshops.

#090: Achieving Sales in Your First 90 Days with Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia is the founder of Catapulting Commissions Inc. and here, we talk about achieving sales in your first 90 days. Anthony shares tips on how to avoid common sales mistakes, pricing, market research, and how to position yourself as a problem solver. He also shares his wisdom around selling high ticket offers.

#089: Amazon vs. Authors with Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie has launched 79 consecutive best-selling books for his clients, even amidst all the nonsense going on with Amazon right now. Paul and I discuss his process to help navigate the Amazon publishing process and fight glitches, promo strategies for launches, and how to use the KDP select free launch phase. We also cover the items on his pre-launch best-seller checklist.

#088: Striving for Best Seller Status with Rob Kosberg

Rob Kosberg is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. He’s the founder of Best Seller Publishing and has been featured in some of the biggest media outlets in the country. Rob shares success stories, including a bit about how he was able to reposition himself as an expert. We also talk about Rob’s workshops, high ticket offers, and a bit about email marketing, ads, and sales funnels.

#087: Email Marketing for Authors with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker is back and we’re diving into email marketing for authors. We talk about how to overcome the intimidation factor, how to create your own unique strategy and set expectations, and the value of an email list in Derek’s business. We also discuss referrals, collaborating with other authors, and where to find inspiration to write great emails for your audience.

#086:How To Succeed with Speaking as an Author with Amy Dix

Amy Dix is a two-time international best-selling author. She’s also a sought-after keynote speaker, professional artist, and founder of Authority Speakers Agency. Amy and I discuss how to speak on different stages, who to contact if you want to start speaking, and how virtual summits can help you find your audience.

#085:Taking the Leap into Virtual Summits with Philip Duncan

Philip Duncan is an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author and the host of the Powerhouse Authoring Summit. Here, we talk about what he learned from his first summit and how he created a follow-up program for authors. Philip also shares his numbers from his first and most recent summits, the value of business relationships and a solid email list, and details on his core offer.