#071: Attracting Clients and Opportunities with Paul Brodie

Since 2015, Paul Brodie has launched 71 consecutive best sellers for his clients through his book launch service. I pick Paul’s brain on what authors need to do to build a successful business from their books and how to attract top clients. We talk about building authority, maintaining a strong email list, and the right next steps for authors to take.

#068: Building a Business through Email with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker is a multiple best-selling author and a master of building email lists. Through an email list, you can keep the relationship going with your readers through personal messages and share upcoming books and product launches. Derek shares tips on how to get started with an email list and how you can use it to make some serious cash.

#042: Virtual Summit Mastery with Jan Koch

As the owner of Virtual Summit Mastery, Jan Koch knows a thing or two about running virtual summits. After seeing massive success with his own summits, he now helps others stand out from the crowd and bring their content to attendees. When done correctly, virtual summits have the potential to change your entire business for the better.

#041: Email Campaigns that Convert with Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall is the COO of Real Fast Publications and an email marketing guru. His practical, straightforward strategies are useful for anyone, no matter where you are in building your business. Keeping things personal and offering free resources is the key to converting those on your email list to customers.

#013: Audience Centric Authorship

Building an audience takes a little more time and effort than running ads for your book but it yields more long-lasting results. When you have genuine connections, you’re able to sell more over time than you would with ads pitched to a cold audience. Email lists are a great way to form relationships and keep your audience engaged.