#087: Email Marketing for Authors with Derek Doepker

#087: Email Marketing for Authors with Derek Doepker

I’m back with Derek Doepker and in case you don’t know his story, he went from being a broke valet parking attendant to a best-selling author. He’s sold over 100,000 books using free or low-cost marketing strategies. Today, he shares those strategies with his fellow authors to empower them to turn their passion for writing into businesses and rewarding careers. I got to know Derek by originally being a member of his email list and eventually buying one of his courses. The reason why we wanted to talk about email marketing for authors is because it made me a super fan of Derek’s and it’s led to my introductions to many other folks in the business.

Many authors start out with email marketing by creating an opt-in but never following through. Here, Derek dispels all the email marketing myths and provides valuable secrets and tips that can help you succeed. We talk about how to overcome the intimidation factor, how to create your own unique strategy and set expectations, and the value of an email list in Derek’s business. We also discuss referrals, collaborating with other authors, and where to find inspiration to write great emails for your audience.

What’s Inside:
  • Email marketing secrets and tips for authors.
  • How to develop your own custom email marketing strategy.
  • The value of collaborating with other authors and cross-promotion.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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