#104: Story Branding 101 with Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie is a 21-time best-selling author and CEO of the Brodie Consulting Group. Here, Paul and I take a detour from the topics we usually discuss and get into story branding and how folks can start and scale a side hustle. We also talk about lead magnets, using your book to sell products without being salesy, and which steps to take if you’re just getting started.

#103: Running a Business on One Email a Day with Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein helps experts get their knowledge out to the world with online products and courses. She’s well-known for her email newsletter (I’m a subscriber), which earns her top rankings on the leader boards. Ellen and I discuss how to create a winning email strategy for your target market, how to grow your email list through creating connections, and what to do when you’re just getting started.

#102: The Power of Three-Day Events with Pam Obasa

Pam Obasa turned £500 into a seven-figure business while working from home and taking care of two young children. Here, Pam and I discuss how to teach your passion, make money, and pitch a high-ticket offer through three-day events. Pam also shares insights into how to structure your event and how to run your program while still working your nine-to-five job.

#101: Turning Your Passions into Profits with Matt McWilliams

Matt McWilliams helps online business owners make money as affiliates and leverage the power of affiliate partners to grow their businesses. Here, we discuss how to create a long-term book sales strategy and how to hit best-seller status. Matt also shares insights into how to recruit affiliates for your own book launch, how to structure a funnel, where people like to buy books, and why the world needs your message.

#100: 1982 VBC Bowl

Here, I’m sharing a boat racing story from my childhood from back in May of 1982 with a lesson about entrepreneurship. The key takeaway from it all was to continue on even when things are moving slowly. Keep your boat moving and stay in motion towards your dreams. When you’re consistent, you will do amazing things.

#099: Gaining Media Visibility Without a Publicist with TeeJ Mercer

TeeJ Mercer has worked on major Hollywood projects with A-list talent like Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and Samuel L. Jackson. Today, she leverages her experience to help authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs book themselves in the media without a publicist. Here, TeeJ and I discuss the importance of the expert mindset, how to get interviewed on TV, and how to use “newsjacking” to grab the media’s attention.

#097: The Empire Builder’s Masterclass with Lucas Marino

Lucas Marino helps entrepreneurs and authors launch and sustain online training products through his Empire Builder’s Masterclass. We get into how Lucas’ crowdsourced platform helps both instructors and affiliates and how he helps creators develop their curriculum. We also discuss partnerships, course marketing strategies with Swipe Files, and why a book is the best way to establish accessible authority.

#096: Falling in Love with Funnels with Carolyn Choate

Carolyn Choate helps coaches, speakers, and authors utilize sales funnels to connect with prospective clients, free up their time, and scale bigger. Carolyn explains what funnels are and we discuss her main method of helping clients. We also talk about different types of funnels, technical requirements, tips for developing your own funnel, and why you should start with a free opt in or lead magnet.

#095: Rewiring Subconscious Beliefs through Trance with Andre Loibl

Andre Loibl is the founder of Changenow.de where he helps people with their subconscious money blockages, allowing them to thrive in their businesses and do more things that they love. Andre shares insights about affirmations and trance states and how deep relaxation can help you tap into your subconscious mind and rewire your thoughts. Here, we discuss hypnosis, how Andre works with clients and a demonstration.

#094: Getting Started with Virtual Summits

Virtual summits, or virtual events, are one of the best ways I know to make yourself visible and create instant authority. Here, I’m sharing some quick ideas about virtual summits that get you in the mindset that you can do this. I share the five key ingredients of a successful virtual summit and how can use it to sell products and services. I also share tips on attracting speakers and influencers.