#088: Striving for Best Seller Status with Rob Kosberg

#088: Striving for Best Seller Status with Rob Kosberg

Rob Kosberg is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. He’s the founder of Best Seller Publishing and has been featured in some of the biggest media outlets in the country. Rob has spoken to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants on how to stop hunting for clients and instead position themselves as the hunted. Rob and I have talked zillions of times and here, we’re discussing examples of some of Rob’s clients and whether or not it’s worth striving for best-seller status.

Your book is about authority and credibility and positions you as the expert or thought leader in your space. Becoming a best-seller brings you to the next level. It makes a difference when you want speaking engagements, running paid ads, and when you’re speaking to high-profile customers. Rob shares success stories, including a bit about how he was able to reposition himself as an expert. We also talk about Rob’s workshops, high ticket offers, and a bit about email marketing, ads, and sales funnels. 

What’s Inside:
  • How Rob helps his clients position themselves as thought leaders in their niche.
  • How Rob was able to reposition himself as an expert in his field.
  • Tips on email marketing, paid ads, and sales funnels.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Best Seller Publishing

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