#089: Amazon vs. Authors with Paul Brodie

#089: Amazon vs. Authors with Paul Brodie

If you don’t already know Paul Brodie, he’s a 20-time best-selling author. As the CEO of Brodie Consulting, he’s launched 79 consecutive best-selling books for his clients, even amidst all the nonsense going on with Amazon right now. Lately, Amazon has been having issues with the algorithm and they’ve been really annoying. Part of the issue is that they’re not tracking sales correctly. Paul has launched four books in the last two weeks and here, we chat about how things went and what’s different.

If you’re planning an Amazon launch, it’s important to have fail-safes and backup plans so you can stay on track. Paul’s company allows authors to outsource those headaches and stressors to him and his team instead. Paul and I discuss his process to help navigate the Amazon publishing process and fight glitches, promo strategies for launches, and how to use the KDP select free launch phase. We also cover the items on his pre-launch best-seller checklist.

What’s Inside:
  • The changes and glitches in the Amazon algorithm.
  • Why it’s important to have a backup plan when publishing on Amazon.
  • Paul’s pre-launch best-seller checklist.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Brodie Consulting Group

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