#086:How To Succeed with Speaking as an Author with Amy Dix

#086:How To Succeed with Speaking as an Author with Amy Dix

Amy Dix is a two-time international best-selling author. She’s also a sought-after keynote speaker, professional artist, founder of Authority Speakers Agency, and one of the happiest people I’ve ever met! Before she became the queen of speaking, Amy wrote a business-focused book that allowed her to see the business side of what a speaking career had to offer. Then, she wrote a more motivational book which helped her see the full picture. This session is all about the secrets of best sellers and here, Amy and I get into how authors can make the transition into speaking gigs. 

Amy shares tips on which comes first: your book or speaking opportunities. It all depends on where your passions are, so if speaking lights you up, you don’t have to wait until you’re published. Once your book is finished, you can use that as leverage to gain credibility in your niche and book more events. You can also sell copies of your book at events in a number of different ways. Amy and I discuss how to speak on different stages, who to contact if you want to start speaking, and how virtual summits can help you find your audience.

What’s Inside:
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until your book is done to pursue speaking gigs.
  • How to leverage your book to land more speaking opportunities.
  • How to use virtual summits to gain experience and find your audience.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Authority Speakers Agency Website

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