#085:Taking the Leap into Virtual Summits with Philip Duncan

#085:Taking the Leap into Virtual Summits with Philip Duncan

Philip Duncan is an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author. He’s also the host of the Powerhouse Authoring Summit. Philip’s success story is a great example of an author who knows exactly how to build an audience. Almost two years ago, Philip and I discussed working together on one of my done-for-you summit services, but it wasn’t in his budget at the time. A year later, I sent him info on a pilot program for my lower-investment Summit Lab course and he went for it. Six months later, Philip hosted the Powerhouse Fiction Summit, and today, he’s in the middle of another summit that’s crushing it. It’s even beating my own numbers from a recent summit!

When Philip first heard about summits, he was skeptical. After taking Summit Lab, he realized it was something he wanted to get into, especially since he was looking for a way out of his day job. In March 2022, he launched his first summit, and it was a game changer. Philip took a lot of risks to get to where he is today and they’re paying off in a big way. Here, we talk about what he learned from his first summit and how he created a follow-up program for authors. Philip also shares his numbers from his first and most recent summits, the value of business relationships and a solid email list, and details on his core offer. 

What’s Inside:
  • Philip’s virtual summit journey and lessons learned.
  • The importance of an email list and business relationships.
  • Details on Philip’s core offer and his plans for the future.
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