#080: Virtual Summits for Authors with Derek Doepker

#080: Virtual Summits for Authors with Derek Doepker

If you’ve ever been a participant in a virtual summit, you may have wondered how you could create a similar experience for others. Virtual summits are not only profitable, but they help you build your audience as well. I had the opportunity to be part of one of Derek Doepker’s summits and here, we dive into how authors can collaborate with experts in their niche to create a winning summit of their own. You can create a valuable asset without carrying all of the burden. We kick off by talking about my own story and journey into creating summits and all the benefits that come with hosting these events. 

Summits are the perfect way to build a business from your book and generate income beyond royalties. One of the biggest benefits of virtual summits is how much they boost your email list. They also boost your authority in the field, which sets you up to do more summits and events in the future. Derek and I discuss the value of the relationships you make and maintain with summit speakers. We chat about who is the best fit for a virtual summit and the importance of having a purpose in mind before getting started. Other topics we discuss include tips for hosting your first summit, creating courses and offers, how to find people to speak at your summits and how to reach out.

What’s Inside:
  • My story and why I decided to get into virtual summits.
  • The value of building relationships with summit speakers.
  • Tips for putting together the perfect virtual summit.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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