#081:Elevate Your Writing Career with Podcasting with Kent Sanders

#081:Elevate Your Writing Career with Podcasting with Kent Sanders

Kent Sanders is the author and co-author of several amazing books, including 18 Words to Live By, The Artist’s Suitcase, and The Faith of Elvis, which he wrote with Elvis’ stepbrother, Billy Stanley. Kent is also the host of The Daily Writer Podcast as well as the founder of The Daily Writer Club, a membership community for writers who are building a business. Kent’s here to share his story as well as what you can do to get your own podcast going, which is incredibly useful to authors looking to establish authority and grow an audience.

Kent spent time as the music director at a church and had a teaching career. After 10 years, he realized he wanted to build a side business, and he began freelance writing. He built his side hustle up to a point where he was able to quit his full-time teaching job and he’s now a full-time ghostwriter. He also coaches and helps authors through his online community and podcast. Kent loves the power words have in the world and loves to share that with others. We discuss how Kent got his ghostwriting career off the ground, how to analyze your podcast listener data and statistics, how frequently to record and release podcast episodes, how to develop content and more.

What’s Inside:
  • How podcasting has allowed Kent to grow a full-time ghostwriting career.
  • How to analyze your podcasting data and statistics.
  • How often to record and release podcast episodes.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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