#093: How To Develop an Effective Author Platform with Eric Van Der Hope

#093: How To Develop an Effective Author Platform with Eric Van Der Hope

Eric Van Der Hope is a three-time number-one international best-selling author, a book publishing shepherd, and a book launch strategist. His experience in digital and print publishing began in the late ‘90s. Eric’s helped thousands of struggling content creators navigate the often-confusing publishing process and shorten the time it takes to become a published author. We’ve been talking a lot about authority, visibility, and influence lately and Eric has seven steps to develop an effective author platform. Here, we go into each of the steps and focus on a couple of them and how they can help.

It’s common for authors to start freaking out when they hear the word “platform”, but Eric’s steps help make the process less overwhelming. Having a platform makes it much easier to launch your book with some momentum behind it. Eric and I talk about creating valuable content you’re willing to give away for free, connecting with your tribe, and nurturing relationships. A huge part of building an effective platform is being as authentic as possible and Eric shares his wisdom around how he does this so well. 

What’s Inside:
  • Eric’s 7 steps to developing an effective author platform.
  • Why having a platform makes a book launch easier.
  • Why being authentic is the key to a successful platform.
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