#094: Getting Started with Virtual Summits

#094: Getting Started with Virtual Summits

For this particular influence and authority piece, I’m interviewing myself! Virtual summits, or virtual events, are one of the best ways I know to make yourself visible and create instant authority. As an interviewer, you don’t have to be the expert, but you can gain credibility and authority through association. Here, I’m sharing some quick ideas about virtual summits that get you in the mindset that you can do this. The beauty of a virtual summit is you can do one even if you’re just starting out. As long as you know how to ask questions, it’s an amazing way to build up an audience and email list, build authority quickly, and meet other partners. 

I dive into what exactly a virtual summit is and how they’re structured so you can put one together. Unlike in-person events, online events are easy to attend and people can make a last-minute decision to join. You also benefit from exposure to the audiences of your guest speakers. Everything is scheduled in advance to minimize scrambling. I share the five key ingredients of a successful virtual summit and how can use them to sell products and services. I also share tips on attracting speakers and influencers.

What’s Inside:
  • How a virtual summit creates authority.
  • The 5 key ingredients of a successful virtual summit.
  • How to attract speakers and influencers.
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