#094: Getting Started with Virtual Summits

Virtual summits, or virtual events, are one of the best ways I know to make yourself visible and create instant authority. Here, I’m sharing some quick ideas about virtual summits that get you in the mindset that you can do this. I share the five key ingredients of a successful virtual summit and how can use it to sell products and services. I also share tips on attracting speakers and influencers.

#015: Virtual Summits with Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez, founder of the Virtual Summit Mastery program, helped me create my very own Book Profit School. Navid has some amazing tips on repurposing content, growing your audience, and more. Learn how easy it can be to get started, even if it’s your first virtual summit.

#014: Audience Centric Authorship

An anti connector is someone who doesn’t respect your relationship and does things that ruin a potential partnership. Being audience centric is always better than treating someone poorly, especially when growing your email list, planning virtual summits with other influencers, and building your business.