#015: Virtual Summits with Navid Moazzez

015: Virtual Summits with Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez is the founder of Virtual Summit Mastery, a program that I used to create Book Profit School. We all know how popular virtual summits are today, especially for building out your email list, promoting your book, and making solid connections with other influencers. Navid knows exactly what it takes to make your summit a success, even if you’ve never done one before.

A virtual summit allows you to re-purpose any content you’ve created inside of it to further promote your brand. Videos can turn into a YouTube channel, or you can use the transcripts to create lead magnets, apps, or even a new book. Running a virtual summit is for everyone, no matter what niche you’re in. There are folks in very specific niches that are the first in their areas to do them and are getting incredible results.  

Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery program offers people a strategy and framework so that you don’t need to be a designer or great with tech to get started. He also has a ton of free resources available on his website linked below.

What’s Inside:

  • How you can monetize your virtual summits and use them to create your business.
  • Why you should start with the end in mind when creating a summit.
  • How you can re-purpose your virtual summit content.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Navid Moazzez on LinkedIn
Navid’s Website
Summit Lab

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