#016: The Million Dollar Book Funnel with Rob Kosberg

016: The Million Dollar Book Funnel with Rob Kosberg

Rob Kosberg is a great friend of mine. He’s an author and the founder of Best Seller Publishing, a company that helps authors promote their books and grow successful businesses. Rob started out in real estate, but after the housing market crashed, he decided to write a book and went all in. He used radio media to promote his book and wound up landing several clients through giving away free copies. Rob still uses this strategy in his business today and has folks simply pay for shipping. This then funnels potential clients into his business where all he has to do is close them.

Books can supercharge your credibility in whatever your field may be. You’ll want to spend some time making sure that you’re writing a book that aligns with your business to attract ideal clients. Knowing what questions your clients have can help you write the book that will answer them, making your book the perfect introduction to you and your business. Once you have a solid funnel in place, the clients will come, and you can lead them into more ways of working with you. 

One of the biggest mistakes new authors make is that they think their work is done once their book is finished. They often move on to the next thing before giving their book a chance to make them money through other avenues. Rob helps his clients turn their books into lucrative businesses. His team works with many different authors, each with unique business goals. Learn more about Rob, his business, books, and more by checking out his website below.

What’s Inside:

  • How Rob used radio media to promote his book and grow his business.
  • How you can use your book to generate leads for a high-ticket offer.
  • Why giving away free copies of your book is a great way to land clients.

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