#017: Empire Building With Your Book with Honorée Corder

017: Empire Building With Your Book with Honorée Corder

Honorée Corder is a strategic book coach who helps professionals and entrepreneurs become authors. She’s also the author of 53 best-selling books in several different languages. Honorée wrote her first book in her twenties and built her business from there. One of the main things she helps her clients focus on is making sure the book they write sustains them over the years. The biggest indicator of a book’s success is how well it’s published. There is a huge difference between an indie published book and a professional book, so it’s well worth your time and money to make sure it’s done right.

After you write your book and you have an audience, they’re going to want to know what else you have. Creating a follow-up workbook or even a course is a great way to start setting up your book business. Along with generating royalty income, books can serve as a foundation to build from. You can also write another book within the same “universe” as your first one to help build out your portfolio.

Building long term relationships with other authors and entrepreneurs helps your business thrive. Connections can help lead to new opportunities and shared audiences. Having a strong email list helps you stay in touch with your audience and getting on the lists of those you admire can help you make new connections. Most authors are just regular people who love to hear from those who were impacted by their work. Providing value for your readers and clients always comes back to you, so don’t be afraid to give.

What’s Inside:

  • Why spending extra time and money on professional publishing sets you up for long term success.
  • How to create more products and courses from your book to generate additional income.
  • How long-term relationships with other entrepreneurs create more business opportunities.

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