#095: Rewiring Subconscious Beliefs through Trance with Andre Loibl

#095: Rewiring Subconscious Beliefs through Trance with Andre Loibl

Andre Loibl is the founder of Changenow.de where he helps people with their subconscious money blockages, allowing them to thrive in their businesses and do more things that they love. You can do amazing things if you get your mind right. Whether you’re trying to start your own business or create authority and influence in the marketplace, it all starts with how you think of yourself and what you’re worthy of. Here, Andre and I talk about “giving it all to God” and how powerful that kind of connection can be. We tend to only pray and ask God for things when we’re desperate, but why not ask for the plan along the way?

Andre shares insights about affirmations and trance states and how deep relaxation can help you tap into your subconscious mind and rewire your thoughts. We also talk about hypnosis and the differences between stage hypnosis and a more therapeutic approach. We discuss the most common problems Andre works through with clients along with a case study and how to enjoy the journey. Don’t miss the end of the episode where Andre demonstrates his work and the power of trance.

What’s Inside:
  • Andre’s 30-second hack to solving issues around feeling unworthy.
  • How to tap into the subconscious mind.
  • A demo of Andre’s work with trance states.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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