#083: Creating a Persuasive Narrative with Alfonso Inclan

#083: Creating a Persuasive Narrative with Alfonso Inclan

Alfonso Inclan is an entrepreneur who helps investors, authors, public speakers, and other entrepreneurs write books and become best-sellers in order to promote their businesses. He’s based in Phoenix, AZ close to where I live, and is also a successful real estate investor. Alfonso’s work is focused on helping Hispanic entrepreneurs and he’s had an incredible journey so far. One of the things he works on with clients is helping them craft a persuasive narrative to turn their readers into customers. Alfonso started by writing his own best-selling book and many people started asking him how he did it. At first, he helped family and friends which then led to him opening his own academy for aspiring best-selling authors.

Building confidence and trust with your readers is a huge factor in long-term success, both as an author and a business owner. Alfonso and I discuss the importance of having the right title for your book, as well as cover design and what content to include inside. We also talk about how to plant seeds to lead your readers to more offerings, a story about Robert Kiyosaki, and the delay between a reader buying your book and investing in your products or services.

What’s Inside:
  • How Alfonso helps his clients publish best-selling books to promote their business.
  • The importance of having the right book title.
  • How to plant seeds in your book that lead to your offerings and services.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Alfonso Inclan on LinkedIn

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