#005: Email List Building From Your Book

#005: Email List Building From Your Book

In this bonus episode, I’m going to talk about email lists and why they’re important. The great thing about email lists is that they put your customers and fans all in one place. They’re also algorithm-proof, because we all know that Amazon and Facebook can change how they do things at any time.

There’s a mindset that goes along with building and maintaining an email list, and that’s to be your own best customer. Figure out what your customers would like to see the most in an email and offer them something great in exchange for their email address. Start with the end in mind when you’re building your plan.

Plenty of great tools are out there to help build a great list, and a lot of them are very affordable. I share some of my favorites and talk about the pros and cons. I also talk about ways that can get you set up with a solid list and audience in the fastest way possible.

What’s Inside:

  • Why having an email list is so important.
  • Tools I use to build and maintain my list.
  • The fastest way to build a high-quality email list.

Mentioned In This Episode:


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