#021: Building Your Brand with Gundi Gabrielle

#021: Building Your Brand with Gundi Gabrielle

Gundi Gabrielle is a digital nomad and branding expert. As a former conductor and pianist, she once ran her own successful music company. She also went to medical school and became a social entrepreneur, raising money for Doctors Without Borders. After a major crisis, Gundi decided to shift gears in her career and started researching ways to make money online. She fell into self-publishing and wrote her first book on how to build a blog, which did very well and allowed her to begin traveling more. Gundi has since published several books and started Sassy Zen Girl, a community for those who want to develop their business and marketing skills with a fun twist.

Your brand must give you goosebumps before anyone else. If you are in love with your brand and messaging, others will resonate with your style and become loyal fans. It’s also important to choose a niche, and even a sub-niche, to be able to stand out and become an influencer. Storytelling is a powerful tool in branding, as it helps people connect with you and makes you relatable. Being realistic as you’re developing your brand will help ease overwhelm. Many people think they can build out their brands in a week when it really takes time and many adjustments as you go. Branding is always a work in progress.

Becoming a thought leader doesn’t mean that you have to be super-famous with millions of followers. Being a micro-influencer and being known within your niche can translate into huge success. Once you become an author, you can use your book to connect with others and create a community. Starting a Facebook group is a great way to get to know your readers and it helps them connect with other like-minded people. With social media, you don’t have to be present across all channels. Choosing one or two of your favorites and learning how to grow those platforms is much more manageable.  When building an audience on social media, take the time to make genuine connections and grow your following authentically.

What’s Inside:

  • 5 ways to build an irresistible personal brand.
  • Why it’s important to choose a niche when you’re first starting out. 
  • Tips for becoming a thought leader in your field.

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