#023: Becoming a Transformational Author with Christine Kloser

#023: Becoming a Transformational Author with Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser is a transformational author coach, a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author, and an award-winning publisher. She helps professionals and experts fulfil their calling to write and publish their own books that will leave an impact on the world. Christine got into writing and publishing in 2002 by helping her husband with his first book. In 2005, she published her own book, a collection of inspirational stories from women entrepreneurs. Her signature program, “Get Your Book Done”, is based on more than a decade of time-tested and proven processes to make writing your book easier and better than you ever thought possible.

A lack of clarity is the biggest reason why people don’t get started. Instead of getting help, they get caught up in what Christine calls the “author’s merry go round”. People get stuck because they’re not asking themselves the right questions. They also get hung up on marketing and publishing before they even know who their ideal reader is. Christine challenges her clients to dig into what kind of transformation they want for themselves, their readers, their businesses, and the world through their writing. Once they have that down, writing the book becomes easy.

Many new authors also try to tackle everything themselves instead of getting help from a coach or expert that can guide them through the process. It’s important to seek out a coach that resonates with you and to not settle for the first person who persuades you. Christine has a one-day virtual event coming up on 10/30 called the Transformational Author Experience. I have more information on my website, and you can get there directly by clicking the first link below.

What’s Inside:

  • The 4 questions to ask yourself when you’re finding clarity to write your book
  • Why it’s important to choose an author coach that’s a perfect match
  • Details about Christine’s upcoming event, the Transformational Author Experience

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