#024: The High Ticket Tripwire

#024: The High Ticket Tripwire

High-ticket offerings have become such a passion topic for me because of how much success I’ve seen from them. After a recent audit of my first virtual summit, I figured out that I made over 5 figures from premium passes to lifetime access, bonus courses, etc. I felt that my authority level was at an all-time high, so what better time to launch a high-ticket offer? The problem was that I had just launched a lower level offering at the time. I was able to relaunch using the same email sequence and sent it to my current list which now had some new people. Long story short, I wound up making 150% more than the virtual summit itself.

After that first summit, I continued to work with speakers from the summit, promoted their products, and did webinars with them. I made a ton of money in affiliate business, but I had never done a thorough audit of everything to know an exact number. After spending some time with the data, I had, I realized that I had made multiple 6 figures from all efforts related just to that first virtual summit.

A high-ticket offer can really transform your business, especially if you pair it with a virtual summit. I’m also now a huge fan of the descension, or down selling model for offerings. If you lead with your high ticket offer right out of the gate, people who aren’t a fit will fall into your lower-level offerings, allowing you to still make money.

What’s Inside:

  • Why your business needs a high ticket offering.
  • How to audit your virtual summits.
  • Why the descension sales model works for high ticket offers

Mentioned In This Episode:


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