#025: Would You Rather Pay for Knowledge or Results?

#025: Would You Rather Pay for Knowledge or Results?

In a continuation of the last episode’s discussion on high-ticket offers, I’m posing this question: would you rather pay for knowledge or results? Most people would say results, yet most of us wind up buying knowledge in the form of courses and coaching first. We go through what I like to call the “course collection” phase. The problem with courses is that sometimes they can give us an excuse to not start whatever it is we’re looking to get off the ground. It allows our fear to get in the way and delays us from taking action. 

A done-for-you program or one with guaranteed results gets us where we want to be quicker than courses or standard coaching, but it also forces accountability. Also, if we’re a coach that provides guaranteed results, we wind up selling more because we’re helping our clients do better. Guaranteed results can come in many forms, like guaranteeing a certain number of people on an email list or reaching a certain level of income. You can structure a high-ticket offer from this principle and make your money at the same time your clients are while you’re helping them. Offering guaranteed results makes you unique in your niche, and when you’re unique, your price stops becoming a factor.

What’s Inside:

  • Why buying too many courses can delay progress.
  • How to design a program with guaranteed results.
  • Why guaranteed results program encourage accountability.

Mentioned In This Episode:


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