#073: Launching a Winning Online Course with Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle is the founder and CEO of Launch Academy as well as a coach, teacher, and e-learning expert. Chris shares his thoughts on why authors should shift their mindset from selling books to course creation. We also talk about why tech isn’t the most important thing in creating a course, how to step through imposter syndrome, the essential elements of a great online course, and why courses are key in creating a community.

#072: Creating a Successful Online Course with Dr. Gena Lester

Dr. Gena Lester is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and professional speaker with over 20 years of experience in college admissions counseling. After experiencing success with her book, she took her signature formula which she outlines in her book and created an online course. Here, Dr. Gena and I discuss designing a business around your own personal preferences, how to shift your mindset around competition, and advice for aspiring online course creators.

#071: Attracting Clients and Opportunities with Paul Brodie

Since 2015, Paul Brodie has launched 71 consecutive best sellers for his clients through his book launch service. I pick Paul’s brain on what authors need to do to build a successful business from their books and how to attract top clients. We talk about building authority, maintaining a strong email list, and the right next steps for authors to take.

#070: Breaking Through Roadblocks as an Author in Business with Heather Dempsey

Heather Dempsey is a business coach who specializes in emotional health, mindset, and the psychology of business. She helps her clients carve out a path to public speaking, live coaching, and workshops based on their books, and more. Heather and I discuss the roadblocks authors often face after publishing our first books, dealing with imposter syndrome, and how to handle not knowing what to do next.

#069: A Crash Course in Publicity with Jill Lublin

“How do I get publicity?” is one of the most common questions authors have, and here, Jill Lublin demystifies the process. She’s a four-time best-selling author, international speaker, and master publicity expert who helps authors get book deals and teaches a virtual publicity course. Whether you’re planning your first book or your 50th, Jill’s tips can help you take your publicity to the next level.

#068: Building a Business through Email with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker is a multiple best-selling author and a master of building email lists. Through an email list, you can keep the relationship going with your readers through personal messages and share upcoming books and product launches. Derek shares tips on how to get started with an email list and how you can use it to make some serious cash.

#067: Connecting Your Book to Your Business with Adam Houlahan

Adam Houlahan is a keynote speaker who also specializes in LinkedIn strategies for entrepreneurs. He’s the CEO of a global LinkedIn agency called Prominence Global. Adam shares tips on how LinkedIn can help you grow your business, as well as how you can better connect your book to your business and how to build trust and credibility as an author.

#066: Moving from Author to Entrepreneur with Darnyelle Harmon

Darnyelle Harmon is an award-winning CEO and business coach who helps her clients get to the million-dollar mark. Darnyelle shares some amazing tips for authors who want to create a business from their book. We dive into the importance of having an abundant mindset, how to price your products like a pro, and advice for entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

#065: How to Go from Author to Speaker with Amy Dix

Amy Dix is an international best-selling author, artist, motivational speaker, and the founder of Authority Speakers Agency. She’s got a great story about how she built her business on the back end of a book and has a lot of wisdom to share. Amy shares tips on what to do to book your first stages, how to profit from speaking engagements, and what makes a good talk.

#064: Going Deep in Mastery with Troy Broussard

Troy Broussard is a good friend of mine and also one of my mentors. Among many, many other things, Troy’s the author of the Memoirs of Mastery monthly book series which helps people find clarity so they can become successful doing what they do best. Troy shares his secrets on what makes a someone successful and why going deep in mastery is better than going wide with business tactics.