#069: A Crash Course in Publicity with Jill Lublin

#069: A Crash Course in Publicity with Jill Lublin

If you need a crash course in publicity, you came to the right place! Jill Lublin is a four-time best-selling author, international speaker, and master publicity expert. She helps authors get book deals and teaches a virtual publicity course. Jill’s books include Guerrilla Publicity and The Profit of Kindness, which went number one in four different categories. “How do I get publicity?” is one of the most common questions authors have, and here, Jill demystifies the process. Jill became a publicity expert out of her own frustrations with getting her message out, as both a businessperson and an author. Today, her system helps authors and entrepreneurs create messages that matter and get out there.

When it comes to getting publicity, it all starts with your message, which should come before your book. You can get started with promoting your work way before your book is finished or published, even if it’s just a simple 500-word blog post. You can start integrating the name of your book in your messaging as well to start getting noticed. Just like growing a garden, publicity for your book should be planned in advance so you can bloom when you’re ready to launch. Whether you’re planning your first book or your 50th, Jill’s tips can help you take your publicity to the next level.

What’s Inside:
  • Where to start when setting out to get publicity.
  • Why publicity for a book should be planned in advance.
  • How to get featured in media outlets.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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