#067: Connecting Your Book to Your Business with Adam Houlahan

067: Connecting Your Book to Your Business with Adam Houlahan

International keynote speaker Adam Houlahan specializes in LinkedIn strategies for entrepreneurs. He’s the CEO of a global LinkedIn agency called Prominence Global. Adam hosts one of the world’s largest free online LinkedIn training events with thousands of people registering five times a year. He’s considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business.  Adam shares his journey and how he was led to be a powerful authority in the LinkedIn space.

If you have a book but are struggling to connect it with your business, making strategic updates could make a huge difference. You can even do re-releases and have a strategic launch plan and marketing strategy to boost your audience and get more people to purchase. Adam shares the outlets where he prefers to sell his books, as it’s always to your advantage to have your book available on multiple platforms, not just Amazon. Books can be a great way to lead your audience to higher ticket offers, which is something Adam has mastered. Trust and credibility are two of the biggest factors in getting speaking events and taking your business to the next level, and books are one of the best ways to position yourself as a leader.

What’s Inside:
  • How Adam came to dominate the LinkedIn space.
  • How to update your book to better connect it to your business.
  • How to use your book to lead customers to other offers.
  • Which types of authors and businesses benefit the most from LinkedIn.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Prominence Global

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