#066: Moving from Author to Entrepreneur with Darnyelle Harmon

#066: Moving from Author to Entrepreneur with Darnyelle Harmon

Darnyelle Harmon is an award-winning CEO that’s moving entrepreneurs to millions. She started on the entrepreneurial path by deciding she was going to be successful and let nothing stand in her way. Darnyelle showed up consistently and fully, doing the work that needed to be done, but she also made sure to take time to rest and reflect, as you can’t pour from an empty cup. Darnyelle is also a motivational speaker, and she developed her coaching program to expand her portfolio to her ideal customers. 

Although she’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Darnyelle and her team decided to scale back their offerings to focus on a signature offer and complementary products. As business owners, we can do ourselves a disservice by having a wide business model, which means having something for sale in every price range. Instead, it’s much better to hone in on who you really want to serve. Just because you’re new to business doesn’t mean your offers have to be low ticket. Entrepreneurs who make it to the million-dollar mark start with an “I’m already at the top” mindset, which is the key to growth and success. We dive into how to cultivate an abundant mindset, how to price your products as a problem solver, and advice for new authors to get going as entrepreneurs.

What’s Inside:
  • Why being a new entrepreneur doesn’t have to mean selling low-ticket products.
  • How to cultivate an abundant mindset.
  • Why you should base prices on the solution over time spent.
  • Tips for authors who want to break into entrepreneurship.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Get To Know Darnyelle

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