#072: Creating a Successful Online Course with Dr. Gena Lester

#072: Creating a Successful Online Course with Dr. Gena Lester

Dr. Gena Lester is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and professional speaker. She’s also an educator with over 20 years of experience in college admissions counseling. Dr. Gena helps business owners, coaches, and consultants take their skills into the entrepreneurial world by developing their “uniquely you” formula. Through this formula, her clients develop their passions and become more successful on their journey. After working as an admissions counselor for several years, Dr. Gena was inspired to write her first book, which was geared toward helping the average student. She then moved towards creating a program that was more affordable for families and offered more support than a high school counselor provides. 

After experiencing success with her book, Dr. Gena looked for ways to expand her offerings outside of the one-on-one, in-person work she was doing. She then took her signature formula which she outlines in her book and created an online course. She started her business in 2019 and experienced triple growth over the last several years! Dr. Gena shares tips on how to get started if you’re an author looking to develop an online course of your own. We also discuss designing a business around your own personal preferences, how to shift your mindset around competition, and advice for aspiring online course creators.

What’s Inside:
  • How Dr. Gena developed a highly successful online course from her first book.
  • Where to start when developing a business from your book.
  • How to design a business on your own terms.
  • Advice for aspiring online course creators.
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