#026: When Patience Is NOT a Virtue

#026: When Patience is NOT a Virtue

We’ve all grown up with the phrase “patience is a virtue” being said to us, but that’s not always the case with entrepreneurship. As an author, pricing your book low and then working to make ten thousand dollars per month is a lot of work. People ask me all the time how they can get more eyes on their book when the question should be “how do I get more eyes on me?” Trying to make your book your breadwinner often translates to a long and frustrating road ahead. The same thing with courses – even if your course is priced higher than your book, you still have to sell a lot of courses to make any significant income goals. All of that becomes so much easier when you focus on selling a high-ticket offer instead.

I realized that virtual summits are the best place to launch a high-ticket offer immediately afterward. That works perfectly for me because I don’t have the patience to stay in my lane and work my way to my income goal slowly. When you have a valuable, in-demand high-ticket offering, you can spend your time getting a few great clients who adore you instead of trying to automate processes in the hopes of generating thousands of book and course sales. Your high-ticket offering helps prove your value, authority, and worth and gets you to your income goals much, much faster.

What’s Inside:

  • Why patience isn’t always a virtue as an entrepreneur.
  • How a high-ticket offer can get you to your income goals faster than selling books and courses.
  • A story about salsa dancing and the “high-ticket” move that changed my dance game.

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