#027: The Publisher Mindset with Ben Settle

#027: The Publisher Mindset with Ben Settle

Ben Settle is a marketer, entrepreneur, and author who writes about business, marketing, and selling — as well as the occasional twisted monster story. He knows a thing or two about what it takes to be highly successful, and it mostly has to do with a simple mindset shift. Thinking about yourself as a publisher instead of an author removes so many limitations and allows you to create and sell whatever you want – the sky (and beyond) is truly the limit. Within traditional publishing deals, you are often bound by what to write and how to write it. When you think and act like a one-man publishing machine, you have ultimate freedom and control over your process.

Part of what makes this mindset so successful is also being able to be a good showman. You don’t have to be the best writer, but you do have to be the best promoter you can be and really sell yourself. Another thing that successful writers and authors do is think like a strategist and not a tactician. If you struggle with strategy and would rather spend your time on writing alone, hire out or align with someone who can help you out.

Lastly, you have to be entertaining. One of the best, most authentic forms of entertainment is storytelling. Stories are a source of high-quality, persuasive communication that can set you apart and show that you’re unique. Some of the most entertaining people are good at what they do because they’re able to take their personality and exaggerate it to become more intriguing. That’s not to say you have to lie or be inauthentic. On the contrary, it’s sort of like making yourself hyper-real. Oftentimes people don’t see who we really are because we hold back. Not everyone will like you, but people do appreciate it when you’re able to say what everyone’s thinking. As a writer, you have the obligation to put your inner dialogue on display. Real-life is always a relevant topic and being able to write about it genuinely will automatically make you more marketable.

What’s Inside:

  • Why you should think of yourself as a publisher vs. an author.
  • How thinking like a strategist and a showman sets you apart.
  • Why storytelling is a powerful form of entertainment.

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