#028: Building a Business From Your Book with Greg Rollett

#028: Building a Business From Your Book with Greg Rollett

Greg Rollett is an Emmy award-winning producer, best-selling author, and founder of Ambitious.com where he offers an entire suite of products for entrepreneurs who want to be their best. I am a client of his, so I know first-hand how great he is at driving others to succeed. So many first-time authors get excited about their book launch, selling millions of copies and going to signings at big stores, and then feel let down when they realize that’s not what happens. The best thing to do when writing a book is ask yourself why you’re writing it. Using your book as a tool to grow your business often winds up making you way more money than if you were to only depend on royalties for profit.

Greg wrote his book after doing a bit of a reverse engineering process, realizing his main goal was to get clients to sign up for his done-for-you services. He created several products to educate potential clients while still offering massive value, which then would ultimately funnel his dream clients into his highest ticket offering. When writing a book, it always helps to start with the end in mind. Then, create an offer that is the next logical step for someone after they’ve finished reading your book. Some “low hanging fruit” products that are easy to create are digital or audio versions of your book, companion worksheets or a workbook, or an online course. The sky is the limit here and a little bit of creativity and imagination goes a long way.

Taking care of your customers with personal touches will help you create genuine relationships and raving fans. Greg adds a personal note to an order before it gets shipped out and he also has a text line where customers can ask him questions. Always think of new ways to add value to your audience as you never know when someone will decide to buy from you. People who buy books are great people because they’re seeking out information on how they can improve their lives and want their futures to be better. How you treat people makes all the difference. Treating your audience well from the start sets you up for long-term success with whatever you decide to offer them next.

What’s Inside:

  • Why you should start with the end goal in mind when writing your book.
  • How to structure your offerings to offset advertising costs.
  • How taking care of your customers can create lifelong fans.

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