#064: Going Deep in Mastery with Troy Broussard

#064: Going Deep in Mastery with Troy Broussard

Today I’m with Troy Broussard, my friend and mentor. He’s the creator of multiple SaaS platforms that I use every day. I’m in a coaching program with Troy and he’s also the author of Memoirs of Mastery, which is a monthly book series where the books get sent directly to your house. If you’re just starting a business or trying to build it up, Troy goes through everything you need to know in his series and in this episode, I get to pick his brain and share all of the secrets with you.

Troy shares what he’d do now as a new business owner, looking back after all of his experience and accomplishments. He says that knowing yourself is far more important than following a system. You have to know what you’re good at as well as what you suck at. We tend to lie to ourselves about what we’re capable of, which can get us into trouble. Another tip is to do the one thing you know you’re the best at and finding someone else to help you. Going deep in mastery in your own zone of genius is far more impactful than going wide with tactics.

What’s Inside:
  • Why knowing yourself is the key to building businesses.
  • The importance of going deep in mastery over going wide with tactics.
  • The impact of having discipline and self-awareness.
  • What we can learn from having an intern’s mentality.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Memoirs of Mastery

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