#074: Elevating Your Brand Through Podcasts with Melanie Benson

#074: Elevating Your Brand Through Podcasts with Melanie Benson

Melanie Benson is an authority brand amplifier for expert-preneurs. She’s also the host of the Amplify Your Success Podcast where she shows you how to stand out in a crowded market and attract high-paying clients and opportunities. Melanie’s been in business for 21 years and has a proven track record of accelerating results for her clients. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to experience a revenue increase of up to five times in the first six months. As a business coach, Melanie searched for ways to set herself apart from the competition and consistently be seen by clients looking for solutions. After doing some speaking, Melanie launched her podcast which allowed her to share her expertise without being a road warrior. 

Podcasting allows you to transform the lives of people you’d never encounter otherwise. Melanie shares tips for authors who want to get into podcasting, and explains the differences between hosting and being a guest. Guesting is a great way to build momentum before launching your own show. Most podcast hosts are looking for authority figures who can provide value for their audience, and if you have a book, you’re ahead of the game. We dive into how to pitch to podcasts and how to choose a topic, which isn’t always the name of your book.  Melanie also shares how to structure a “podcast tour” to promote your book or services and why having a plan is important.

What’s Inside:
  • How Melanie used podcasting to elevate her business.
  • Why being a podcast guest can help you build momentum.
  • How to pitch to podcast hosts and choose the right topic.
  • How to structure a podcast tour to promote your book.
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