#075: Sales and Marketing Magic with Tim Hyde

#075: Sales and Marketing Magic with Tim Hyde

Sales, marketing, and automation are all things that scare authors, but they’re the fundamentals of building a business from your book. Tim Hyde is a fixer, a Keep Certified Partner, and an authority in these scary topics, which we’re diving into here. After founding one of Australia’s first social media sites, Tim has since moved on to help businesses convert more of the attention they create from their digital marketing efforts. Over the last eight years, he’s worked with more than 1,000 business owners in 36 countries to help them optimize their sales and marketing strategies. He focuses on CRM, sales life cycle, and marketing automation.

Tim found that his clients only had part of the puzzle when it came to attracting attention, and the missing piece was marketing. Writing a book is only part of the customer journey, and we need to move people from one part to the next. When you nurture your readers, you can then turn them into high-ticket clients over time. Tim walks through how he makes marketing less overwhelming for his clients and shares some practical tips you can use in your own business. We also talk about overcoming icky feelings about sales and how to get started if you’re an author who’s brand new to sales. 

What’s Inside:
  • How Tim helps authors build a sales lifecycle and master marketing.
  • Why it’s important to move your readers along on the customer journey.
  • How to overcome resistance to selling.
  • Where to start if you’re a sales beginner.
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