#077:Selling Without Sleaze with Sarah Jolley Jarvis

Sarah Jolley Jarvis specializes in helping people build the businesses of their dreams on their own terms. In her book, Selling Without Sleaze, Sarah explains why finding your ideal client makes sales authentic and genuine. We talk about why mindset is important in sales, how to identify your target audience, how to set and advertise your pricing, and what to cover on a client discovery call.

#075: Sales and Marketing Magic with Tim Hyde

Tim Hyde is a fixer, a Keep Certified Partner, and an authority in sales, marketing, and automation. Tim found that his clients only had part of the puzzle when it came to attracting attention, and the missing piece was marketing. Tim walks through how he makes marketing less overwhelming for his clients and shares some practical tips you can use in your own business. We also talk about overcoming icky feelings about sales and how to get started if you’re an author who’s brand new to sales.

#035: Monetizing Your Message Through Audio with Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher is the founder and editor in chief at Podcast Magazine. He’s also the founder of the largest podcast club on Clubhouse called ClubPod. Steve is an expert on how to monetize your voice with audio. It’s a form of media that’s here to stay and a great way for authors to share their message outside of the written word.

#034: Creating Powerful High-Ticket Offers with Jake Schmelzer

Jake Schmelzer helps his clients master the boring fundamentals of business so they can create successful high-ticket offers. Figuring out who your ideal client is and what they truly need should be the foundation from which you create your programs. Making sure you’re just as in love with your offer as your clients are prevents burnout and keeps you excited and engaged.