#034: Creating Powerful High-Ticket Offers with Jake Schmelzer

#034: Creating Powerful High-Ticket Offers with Jake Schmelzer

Jake Schmelzer is the founder of Boring Old Business.com and his passion is helping experts create, market, and sell transformational high-ticket offers. We’re in some masterminds together and I personally love his content. He’s also a pastor. A couple of years ago, Jake and his wife started a church. He decided he wanted to bring in an extra $500 a month through a side hustle and started selling content on Amazon. He quickly realized he didn’t want to give away his proprietary information on that platform, so he did some research and created a course. Jake was wildly successful and brought in a half-million dollars from that product in its first year. He, unfortunately, made his business too complex, and it wound up crashing. The biggest lesson he learned was that the boring fundamentals of a business, like marketing and copy, are what ultimately make them sustainable. Today, Jake helps entrepreneurs with these foundational elements of business that are needed for success.

Starting with creating an ideal customer avatar, Jake helps his clients build a winning offer. As creators, many of us wind up giving away too much of ourselves that we can sometimes resent selling. It’s important to package the offer so that it’s transformational for your clients, but also great for you to want to keep delivering. The last thing you want to do is create something and then make everyone want to buy it. You should start with figuring out what your ideal client really needs as a foundation for creating your course. Observe your audience and watch what they do and say in their unguarded moments. Many people get caught up in the details of deliverables when creating a high-ticket offer, but what you’re really selling is the results. Making it as lean and mean as possible actually provides the best experience for your clients.

Jake wraps things up with some great tips on how you can create offers through coaching, courses, and community. Make sure to check out his free resource by clicking the link below.

What’s Inside:

  • Why you need to be good at the “boring fundamentals” to have a successful business.
  • What components are needed to make a great high-ticket offer.
  • How to uncover what your ideal client really wants.

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