#076: Creating a Business on the Back End of Your Book with Troy Broussard

#076: Creating a Business on the Back End of Your Book with Troy Broussard

Troy Broussard is my mentor, friend, and coach. I use several of his amazing software products. Troy is a prolific content and offer creator and here, we’re talking about how to create great things from the back end of your book. Troy’s services make me look like a champ to my clients, and his RedirectMe.io platform has been a game changer. We get into the benefit of QR codes and how they could help you capture more leads. We also talk about how to use Amazon and whether or not it’s more beneficial to sell books in more unconventional ways. Technology is advancing at a fast pace and as an author, it’s worth keeping up with the latest trends. 

First and foremost, it’s important to know your objective and start with a goal in mind. Staying alive in business should be your goal and it’s no secret that Amazon isn’t going to help you retire early. Troy talks about why it’s important to know your end goal before you even start writing. We discuss what to do if your first book wasn’t written that way and what you might be able to do to turn things around. We also talk about how breaking content up can help you make more sales, the advantages of private book sales, why it’s important to understand your target demographic, and more.

What’s Inside:
  • How technology is changing and which tools authors should use to boost sales.
  • Why you should start writing a book with an end goal in mind.
  • How to break up content to make more sales and elevate your authority and brand.
  • The advantages of private book sales.
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Troy Broussard

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