#010: Getting to Best Seller with Sierra Melcher

#010: Getting to Best Seller with Sierra Melcher

Publishing a book takes a lot more work than simply finishing the manuscript. The world of ranking, getting on a bestseller list, and making sure you’re visible to your people are all important things to consider. The tasks to get there can be overwhelming, but luckily there are resources out there to help you get the job done.

Sierra Melcher, CEO of Red Thread Publishing, helps women write and publish their books, empowering them to get their stories out into the hands of the people who need to hear from them. She sets them up for success by getting them in a prime position to become a bestseller and guiding them through the process. Navigating SEO, choosing the right book categories, and having a solid author page all make a huge difference in terms of ranking. Both Sierra and I know how valuable it can be when you’re able to tap a professional like us to help.    

Becoming an author won’t always make you rich from book sales alone, but the credibility you gain when getting your books out there can be a path to other lucrative revenue streams. When people buy your books, they begin to trust you, making books a great way to find coaching clients and more. It all starts with making sure your audience can find you and being positioned as the expert.

What’s Inside:

  • Tips on how to make Amazon’s bestseller lists.
  • Why having an expert’s help can decrease overwhelm.
  • How becoming a bestseller can increase your credibility.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Sierra Melcher on LinkedIn

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