#011: Affiliate Strategies with Matt McWilliams

011: Affiliate Strategies with Matt McWilliams

Using affiliates when launching a book can lead to exponential sales. Working with authors and public figures that are within your niche and already familiar with affiliate marketing can translate into huge success, even if it’s your first time launching. Matt McWilliams has helped several authors through massively successful launches and has a proven roadmap.

Three top strategies for getting started are looking for people who have promoted similar books, reaching out to friends, and reaching out to fans. Since affiliate success is really a numbers game, the more folks you have on your list, the more customers you’re going to get. Some technical tricks when launching with affiliates are making sure you have a back-end offer, getting an opt-in set up, and testing everything pre-launch so that you can eliminate as many hiccups as possible. Offering a lifetime cookie is a great strategy Matt recommends as well.

Make sure to click the link below to download Matt’s free report: Your First 100 Affiliates.

What’s Inside:

  • Matt’s top strategies with using affiliates for a book launch.
  • Ins and outs of technical pieces to have in place.
  • Why attracting affiliates is a numbers game.

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