#012: Earn Passive Income Through Memberships with Stu McLaren

012: Earn Passive Income Through Memberships with Stu McLaren

A great way for an author to earn passive income beyond book royalties is through offering a membership. Stu McLaren, founder of the Tribe program, helps many people each year create and launch successful membership sites. The work involved to get up and running isn’t always as daunting of a task as you may think. In fact, Stu has seen some people launch their programs without websites at all.

Memberships offer readers a chance to continue their journey with an author after they’re finished reading a book. One of the key takeaways Stu offers is that less is more. Sometimes people can get overwhelmed, thinking there’s too much information to pack into a membership. Data shows that people ultimately want results and you accomplish this with less content than you think.

Launching a membership site, unlike publishing a book, is fluid and can be updated over time as you learn. The best thing to do is just get started. Stu’s free guide, Launch A Successful And Profitable Membership Site, is linked below. In it, you’ll find the answers to Stu’s top 10 most common questions about memberships.

What’s Inside:

  • How you can create a membership with less tech than you may think.
  • Why less is more in terms of content in a membership site.
  • How membership sites create more opportunities to connect with your audience.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Launch A Successful And Profitable Membership Site

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