#038: Virtual Summits in a Niche Business with Ted Demopolous

Ted Demopolous’ computer security business serves a very niche audience. He decided to try running a virtual summit and saw great success, with extremely high conversion and engagement rates. Ted is proof that virtual summits can work well for niche businesses, even without big email lists and giant audiences.

#037: Virtual Summit Strategies with Jonathan Green

Doug Pew’s M.U.S.I.C. framework helps people create online courses and persuasive copy. Singing the tune of your audience helps draw them in. Using smart, persuasive copy to market your course sets you apart from the competition so you can create raving fans.

#022: Income Streams Beyond Book Royalties with Eric Van Der Hope

Digital publishing expert Eric Van Der Hope has helped thousands of authors get published. He has also coached authors through creating lucrative income streams with their books. Writing and publishing your book makes you an authority which creates numerous possibilities for you to maximize book profits beyond royalties.

#012: Earn Passive Income Through Memberships with Stu McLaren

Offering a membership program offers authors a chance to make more passive income beyond book royalties. Stu McLaren has helped many people from all kinds of niches create and launch successful sites. Getting started with a membership can be less complicated than you think.