#037: Virtual Summit Strategies with Jonathan Green

#037: Virtual Summit Strategies with Jonathan Green

International bestselling author Jonathan Green built an island life he enjoys with his family from a consistent stream of passive income. Jonathan’s done multiple virtual summits, including his latest around high ticket offers. He used an innovative three-tier pricing strategy to maximize profits and offer his audience a wide variety of resources. Through using the strategy, he boosted the income of his summit by 40%.

Going after summit speakers who aren’t super-famous but are enthusiastic and great at interviews has worked out well for Jonathan. He’s also shifting towards driving summit attendees to his membership space versus trying to upsell them into something more expensive. Even if you’re just starting out, a small email list can turn into a lucrative audience. Running an evergreen event where you’re reusing content also works, as the chances of getting audience members who notice is unlikely.

Head to the link below to get your free copy of Jonathan’s book, “Give to Get”.

What’s Inside:

  • How Jonathan maximized virtual summit profits by using a three-tiered pricing strategy.
  • Why the fame of your speakers matters less than the quality of the content.
  • How elevating those “below” you can help boost your business.

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