#038: Virtual Summits in a Niche Business with Ted Demopolous

#038: Virtual Summits in a Niche Business with Ted Demopolous

Ted Demopolous has been running his own business for over 30 years. I collaborated with him on a virtual summit that catapulted his business afterward. Ted had been thinking about running a summit for a while, since he’s a pro at product launches. His computer security business is very niche and the speakers he had didn’t have email lists. His opt-in rate wasn’t as high as some others, but his conversion rate and engagement were off the charts. Ted used his first summit as more of a proof of concept and was thrilled with the outcome.

The offerings Ted launched after his summit were very successful and made more money than the summit itself. His customers got to know him better through the summit which helped him sell. The speakers he hosted and the feedback he received also helped him make changes to his course to make it better. Ted has made both good friends and partners through his summit and is looking forward to his next one.

What’s Inside:

  • How virtual summits can work for niche businesses.
  • How Ted structured his post-summit offerings.
  • What worked well and what Ted would do differently at his next summit.

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