#032: Creating and Selling Audiobooks with Derek Doepker

#032: Creating and Selling Audiobooks with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker went from being a valet driver to a best-selling author. He successfully sold 75,000 books using free or low-cost marketing strategies and he now helps others do the same through workshops, coaching, and retreats. Derek started out with no business or marketing background and a degree in music. After moving to LA, he became a valet driver and started blogging and making content for YouTube about his true passion – fitness. His first attempt at writing and selling a book didn’t go as well as he’d hoped (he sold two books)  but Derek continued to study different strategies and got a mentor. Refusing to stop where many hopeful authors throw in the towel, he published the third book and became a number one bestseller in the weight loss category. Since 2013, Derek has been working with authors to help them create their own winning strategies while writing more books along the way. 

Derek first got into audiobooks after he realized that many of his potential readers preferred that way of consumption. It’s difficult to convince someone to consume a book or any other type of information in a way they don’t prefer, and he realized that offering audio along with eBooks and traditional print was to his advantage. With today’s technology, you can create your own audiobooks without breaking the bank. If you don’t have the time or prefer to have someone else record your book for you, there are many places that allow you to outsource. There are also many ways to sell audiobooks. Selling them on a site where you only get paid the royalties may not make you as much money as selling them directly on your website. When you have full control over sales, you can bundle an audiobook together with other products, offer discounts, and wind up making more.

Creating an audiobook is leveraging material you already have that adds in a whole new revenue stream. It also allows you to capture a different market segment. Your goal is always to create raving fans of your material and keep them for life. Before writing a new book, take full advantage of monetization by making an audiobook.

What’s Inside:

  • Why you should offer an audio version of your book.
  • How you can record and create an audiobook on your own.
  • How to sell your audiobook through different channels.

Mentioned In This Episode:


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