#058: Purpose-Driven High-Ticket Offers with Laura Di Franco

#058: Purpose-Driven High-Ticket Offers with Laura Di Franco

Laura Di Franco is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions, a company that specializes in publishing and business strategies for healers. Laura’s up to some cool stuff, way too much to fit inside this podcast. She has a 30-year background in holistic physical therapy and has been a healer her whole life. Laura has also been writing and publishing her own books for quite some time and published her first book back in 2012. Brave Healer Productions was born in 2016 while she was still running her physical therapy practice. She started helping other healers write their copy and books, assisted them with publishing, and was involved in several complications with other authors.

In January of 2020, Laura launched a number-one Amazon bestseller compilation book and has now published 29 best-selling collaborative books within the healing space. From a high-ticket perspective, Laura quickly created the model that is now a staple in her business. When she ran her first project, she was the lead author of the collaboration. She then proceeded to release several volumes, as she wanted to provide a healing toolkit that would work for a wide audience. Laura’s strategy is a high-ticket program that’s a triple win. It makes her money while giving her other authors recognition, and provides them with a book to sell on their own to turn a profit. She shares how she built her strategy, how she’s scaling her business, and how she’s able to provide huge value for those she works with.

What’s Inside:
  • How Laura launched her business and complications with other authors in the healing space.
  • Why Laura’s high-ticket strategy is a triple-win.
  • How Laura was able to scale her purpose-driven business.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Brave Healer Productions

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