#091: The Magic of 90-Minute Workshops with Liam Austin

#091: The Magic of 90-Minute Workshops with Liam Austin

Liam Austin is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and a virtual event strategist. To date, Liam has launched over 15 successful virtual summits, averaging 10,000 attendees. He’s also launched countless online events and workshops with a more intimate setting, hosted over 400 speakers, and educated over 100,000 business owners through his programs. Liam walks through his career journey and how he started his business empire. His motivation to focus on online events was driven by his desire for freedom and the ability to travel around the world.

Liam and I discuss his strategy for driving attendance to online events and virtual summits and he shares a detailed presentation with a ton of great tips and details. Collecting leads is important, but it’s also key to give people the opportunity to buy products and services so you can generate revenue right away. Traditional sales webinars often feel salesy and people are expecting that pitch at the end. Liam shares a different approach through a 90-minute virtual workshop. Through his strategy, you can take your leads through a series of steps and get them to your high-ticket offer.

What’s Inside:
  • How to use a 90-minute workshop to generate leads and drive sales.
  • How to attract your ideal clients through event design.
  • Steps to take your clients from free offerings to high ticket offers.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Entrepreneurs HQ

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