#099: Gaining Media Visibility Without a Publicist with TeeJ Mercer

#099:Gaining Media Visibility without a Publicist with TeeJ Mercer

Although you may not be familiar with TeeJ Mercer, chances are you’re familiar with her work. For over two decades, she has worked on major Hollywood projects with A-list talent like Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and Samuel L. Jackson. TeeJ has worked on movies like Shrek, The Incredibles, Cars, and The Chronicles of Narnia and for big name networks like Disney, ABC, and MTV. She’s arguably the queen of visibility, influence, and authority, and she now leverages her experience to help authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs book themselves in the media without a publicist. 

TeeJ shares insights into the first steps to take if you want to increase your visibility. It all starts with you believing you’re the expert, and you don’t have to wait for the media to give you that title. We talk about why it’s important to approach the media from a service perspective instead of a promotional one. TeeJ and I also discuss the process for getting interviewed on TV, which involves dreaming national and thinking local. Other topics covered include how to target specific markets, what to talk about when featured, how to rock an interview, and how to use “newsjacking” to get media attention.  

What’s Inside:
  • Why believing you are the expert is the first step to gaining media visibility.
  • How to prepare for a successful interview.
  • How to use “newsjacking” to get featured in the media.
Mentioned In This Episode:

TeeJ’s Newsjacking 101 Guide

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